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We ensure perfect quality solutions for your needs


With ever changing DOT and FMCSA regulations, we offer end to end compliance solutions to end audit concerns. Our platform will help Drivers, Owner operators to focus on revenue growth, hence saving time spent on compliance and documentation.


Our Machine Learning solution offers assistance to Drivers, Owner operators. Timely notifications on change oil and maintenance helps result drivers & owner operators in protecting their assets.


Truckistance will help enhance your fleet performance by ensuring all applicable safety and compliance procedures are enforced. Moreover, Drivers or Owner operators will have better focus on driving rather than dealing with various timne confusing office and paper works.


Truckistance will provide detailed analytics and recommendations on avoiding past losses and mistakes.

Document Management

Truckistance offers an Agile platform that uses top notch proprietary solutions like block chains and artificial intelligence to offer suggestions on ways to maximize your growth and efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Truckistance stores everything in a cloud, makes it easy for you to login, upload & manage documents and information

About Us

Our team have a combined experience of more than 30 years in Transportation & Logistics. We are quiet aware of challenges & pain points in logistics. We explore solving these challenges with combination of breakthough technologies like Linear Programming, Machine learning / A.I , Block Chain and Data science. With this unique blend, we build solutions that are able to identify the concerns and needs of Drivers & Owner operators.

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